Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do We Really Need Another Foodie Blog


But, this is not going to be your average blog. This will live or die, succeed or fail not based on the talents of the blog author, but on the participation of the "Happily Married Guys Who Cook".

I am indeed one of those HMGWC. And from my time of surfing around the Internet, I have seen a great deal MORE HMGWC's. Something about men and cooking aids in having a happy marriage. there are other ways of course, but check out my theory... Women love us!

So, are you a HMGWC? If so, would you like to participate in an active blog community to help others, show off or just to support the idea that it is better to be happily married and well feed than to be a hungry miserable partner? Most of us have seen the TUESDAYs WITH DORRIE blog of seemingly hundreds of cooks all churning out sweets week after week after week. Don't we guys deserve an equally popular place to hang out and be a part of? A place where we are actively part of a community...

That I've been able to find, this is indeed a unique place to hang out. A Men's club, a specialty blog that

Here's what I envision...

  • First, plan to make comments. Looky Lou's are welcome, but I want 100 HMGWC to visit the blog each time there is a new posting. I want at least 50 comments. This blog is a place to share... Plan to share.
  • Also plan to help. I will write the first few blog posts to get us started, But I want ideas from you (comments), stories and successes from you in the form of guest bloggers. I will solicit help, but I would sure appreciate volunteers. Got a story about how you met your wife? Here's the place for it. How about how you popped the question, or your first/worst/best meal with your wife? There are plenty of stories out there in the naked blogosphere, share them on this site.
  • Participate in a once a month cooking challenge. Everyone of us cook with the same theme, or main ingredient or serve the same ... Something. This will unite the community, help us to get different ideas and do what we do best... Cook for the women we love!
  • Help to create the blog you want. Got an idea... great, I'll at least consider it, and probably roll with it. Hate something, love something, anything in between... Be interactive.
  • Help to build traffic. Add this to your blogroll, once we get up and started, do a posting about us. Make a comment that you have added us, and I will start a blogroll of HMGWC. Do you know someone who qualifies (a happily married guy who cooks), drop them a line and let's make this idea a big deal. Celebrate our happiness (I do everyday).

I have spent a great deal of time surfing around different blogs. I considered joining some of those groups (like Dorrie), but honestly I would have felt like the red-headed step child at most of them. Tolerated, but viewed as a bit of a freak. I have found nothing like this where I would be a natural fit. This can be the TUESDAYs WITH DORRIE blog for married guys...

So, what do you think??? Time to start getting interactive... leave me a comment...


  1. Now you need one of those nifty buttons people can put in their side bars. I have no idea how to go about doing that, though.

  2. I agree with Wandering Coyote. And maybe you need a fancy logo and header too.